Franciscan Funnies

A friar passed away and arrived at heavens gate to find himself behind a Dominican Friar and a Benedictine monk.  The Dominican  stepped up to the angel at the gate.....the angel 'flipped through' his lap top and said "You are good to go".  The gates opened, a golden road rolled out as diamonds studded the curb.  The sun shown bright...harps and wind instruments began to play and low and behold......St. Dominic came up to the gate...took him by the hand and led him in.  The friar was impressed.  Then the Benedictine stepped up.......same majestic fan fare as St. Benedict came to lead him in. The friar straightened his habit and stood anxious......finally to meet St. Francis.  The angel checked his lap top and said...."You are good to go" the gates opened and the angel said "It's just down there to the right."  The friar said "What about the music and all that stuff.....where is St. Francis".  The angel replied.."Ahhhh we got a lotta Franciscans up here"!!!!