Founding members

Marie Amore OFS      Patricia Carlsey OFS

Maria Krzesowski OFS         Robert Reid OFS        Cynthia Wahl OFS

Troubadour Creed

We, the Troubadour sisters and brothers of St. Clare Fraternity, gather around the person of Christ and share His Spirit. We come together to discover in our own lives what it means to be Franciscan and to carry our discoveries into the world. We do this through personal and collective reflection, contemplation, action and ministry.

In our gatherings we listen to God's teachings in scripture and through the Church. We pray for guidance, that we might learn to live the Gospel life in today's world.

Because we are secular [lay] people who live in the world, we accept the challenge of bringing Christian Franciscan values to bear in all aspects of our lives, in our families, our work and in all those places where we find ourselves. 

As Franciscans we demonstrate God's love to the world by our commitment to follow Jesus Christ in the manner of St. Francis of Assisi, living with joy in fraternity.

We strive to help one another:

  • To express our minority by joint decision making.
  • To support one another through our own journeys of struggle, healing and growth.
  • To be prayerful in all things and open to hear God's word through scripture, especially the Gospels, through quiet prayer and through all the activities of our lives.
  • To trust the guidance of the Lord as we are continually converted.
  • To participate in the fraternity's fraternal and apostolic life.