Secular Franciscan Order

Summer 2016

What a great summer!

As I read the reports issued, it was the hottest July in recorded history worldwide. That in itself is a topic for another discussion. Maybe an entire formation session? Kathy yesterday was thinking of snowflakes that will be arriving in the not too distant future. At least we hope there will be snow.

As I am writing this, Kathy and I are preparing to head off to the annual Divine Mercy Region Ministers meeting--a long weekend with our sisters and brothers in Francis and Clare. My time of preparation lends itself to thoughts of the past year. We have been busy for sure.

We have several world travelers in the fraternity and the sharing of experiences from their trips brings smiles to everyone. Mary Anne is at this moment enjoying a trip to Poland; we are enjoying the pictures sent via Facebook, and only our good Lord knows where Barb is headed next.

Our Fraternity Picnic was as usual a grand event. Jerry and Kathy were wonderful hosts as always. Our grandchildren loved the pool and the hotdogs, and I enjoyed Jerry’s “perpetual” keg that is always full and ice cold. Every work shed deserves its own keg. We are also most grateful Kathy’s doctors let her out of the hospital to join us.

For myself, I have just been trying to keep up with all the OFS stuff. At our last meeting, Mary Anne mentioned that we are not scheduled for a room for our meetings with St. Joan’s office staff. I called and sure enough I missed the June 1st scheduling deadline. It is mentioned someplace in their parish binder that I received when elected Minister. That’s the same binder that tells us of the St. Joan parish complex closing dates, so we don’t show up for our gatherings and find the building locked up (sorry about that) and then have to run over to Lauren’s house for our fraternity gathering. Where on earth did I put that binder?

Between Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Meetup, our new website, St. Joan of Arc’s Parish Calendar, the Region’s calendar, our Fraternity calendar, our Franciscan formation calendar, work schedule, grandchildren adventures, and our new collie puppy, I’m dizzy from all the circles I am running in. Ok, it’s really vertigo, but I’m dizzy none the less!